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We would like to welcome you to the Desire Vacations Travel Agent Affiliate program. As a wholesaler for our specific adult properties, Desire Vacations brings to you an experienced staff that will guide you on the path to making commissions in the very niche "adult travel" marketplace. There are many groups and thousands upon thousands of FIT reservations out there just waiting for you to make the bookings. We are all travel agents, we all understand the world of selling travel, but our staff totally understand this specific clothing-optional market, the properties with great first hand experience, relationships with principals of the resorts, and we know the most important element... how to make the sale with these customers.

We have assembled all of the elements you will need to make money in this lucrative market. We have these very much in demand properties with even entry level accommodations exceeding $500 per night, generally yielding a $3000 plus reservation total your commissions are built from. We have compiled for you a high-tech online booking engine you can operate from any computer or tablet from anywhere there is an internet connection. We have made it very easy to instantly check real-time inventory, create a quote and totally book a confirmed reservation with electronic document deliver in less than four minutes! Why other agencies may have a "Form Quote," then a back and forth communication with the customer, they will probably be losing the sale to you as you present the customer with real-time information, expert answers to all of their questions and capture their credit card right on the spot before the other agencies can even answer their e-mails. It's all about who can capture the sale in this business!

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Your experience with Desire Vacations will be two-fold, starting with the high-tech booking engine, connected directly to our properties reservations system for real-time accurate inventory availability. You can create Quotes on the fly and electronically deliver all necessary documents to your customers in just minutes. You can make reservations that can jump across room categories in date ranges that are sold out in some categories for parts of the requested stay. You have all of the flexibility to quickly and easily make reservations on the fly, from nearly anywhere. The best part of the story is Desire Vacations does all of the work past the creation of the reservations. There is literally nothing for you to do except thank your customer and cash the commission checks. We process the orders completely, double check everything is perfectly correct, deliver the customer electronic documents, set-up the airport transfers, and you end up with cash in your pockets and happy customers.

The real money tree in our offerings to you is the Branded Web Pages. We take our content, our inventory, our Q & A's, our experience, our customer service and roll them all into a website totally maintained by our staff, yet branded at the top with the name of your agency. You can use this Branded Web Site as a secret link for your special clients so they can get all of their questions properly answered without interfering with your mainstream business, or you can become aggressive and buy search engine advertisements that can yield hundreds of FIT reservations all night long ...even while you sleep! You will wake up in the morning with reservations just sitting there, complete all the way down to the confirmations and airport transfers. On these reservations there truly is nothing for you to do except cash the commission checks!

Desire Vacations highly suggests you thoroughly read our instructions detailing the use of the Agent Portal software. Once you learn what tools are there for you, sales will just fly through your system very easily and your customers will be very happy. We have taken every task we could think of and automated it to the point you can check availability and book a reservation for your customers in under four minutes, totally confirmed and documents delivered. The ease of our system works best when you totally understand the software and what it can do for you.

Last be not least, Desire Vacations is here for you. As one of our agents, you can feel free to call anytime with questions and for guidance. We want to help you be a force in the niche adult travel market where you are not competing with a thousand travel agents for a $149 per night property. We are going to put you into a world where you have the potential to make much higher commissions that most mainstream travel reservations. One of the keys to our success is we intimately know every property, every storage room, all of the management staff and we know how to process a lot of reservations efficiently. We will even call your customer for you, and answer all of their questions about specific resorts and activities that you may not be able to answer. We are here for you!


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